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This programme is in partnership with...
  • Health Education England
  • Carers-UK

About Supporting Unpaid Carers

What is it?

A free online resource to support the vital care that unpaid carers provide. We hope the e-learning will help you take care of yourself and carry out your day to day caring role.

Who is it for?

Anyone who provides care and support to a family member or friend due to their disability, health condition, frailty, mental health problem or other health and care needs.

What does it offer?

  1. Bespoke bite-sized e-learning sessions for carers, developed with expert advice from Carers UK, with links to organisations offering more advice on topics relevant to that session. To access the e-learning, select the “Supporting Unpaid Carers e-Learning” button below
  2. Online links and a downloadable resource guide, colour coded by topic, that provide help on issues such as your rights to benefits, support for carers and caring for those with visual or hearing impairment. To access the resources, select the “Resources” button below
  3. Access to Agylia Care who offer free guides and videos on care and support topics, including children’s care, learning disabilities and support for carers. To download the app, select the “Agylia Care” button below
  4. Specialised e-learning on topics such as dementia, mental health, physical disability, infection protection and end of life care. To access this e-learning, you will need to register and log in to the Carers Hub. You can do this by selecting the “Specialist e-Learning” button below. For instructions on how to set up your account, select the “Register” button.

Supporting Unpaid Carers Resource

Resources available without registering

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Resources available which require registration

Supporting Unpaid Carers eLearningSupporting Unpaid Carers Register

We have launched a survey to ask for feedback on the Supporting Unpaid Carers Resource. If you would like to share your thoughts on the e-learning and resources, please visit:

How to access

Available to all

All links to the carers’ e-learning and resources are freely available to access, without the need for registering.

If you would like to access the “Specialist e-Learning” materials, please select register and log in to access the full programme. These sessions are aimed at health and care professionals, but you may still find the content helpful.

Registering and creating an account will record your progress and completion of sessions and enable you to generate a certificate of completion.

Meet the team – task and finish group

  • Madeline Starr

    Madeleine Starr

    Carers UK
  • Maria Kimina

    Maria Kimina

    Carers UK
  • Elizabeth Manero

    Elizabeth Manero

    Patient Advisory Forum
  • Fatima Khan-Shah

    Fatima Khan-Shah

    Patient Advisory Forum, and Task and Finish Group Chair
  • Dipika Patel

    Dipika Patel

    Communications Officer, Health Education England
  • Tracy Brennan

    Tracy Brennan

    Project Support Officer, HEE

Meet the team – programme team

  • Liz Fenton

    Liz Fenton

    Clinical Lead and Deputy Chief Nurse, HEE
  • Catherine Puck

    Catherine Pluck

    Project Lead and John Burdett Clinical Fellow, HEE
  • Patricia Howe

    Programme Manager, HEE e-Learning for Healthcare
  • Claire Beattie

    Claire Beattie

    Learning Designer, HEE e-Learning for Healthcare
  • e-lfh staff - Lindsay Collin profile picture

    Lyndsey Callion

    Learning Designer, HEE e-Learning for Healthcare
  • e-LfH staff - Rashmi Chavda

    Rashmi Chavda

    Graphic Designer, HEE e-Learning for Healthcare
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