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About the Prescribing and Providing Medicines Advice programme

The Prescribing and Providing Medicines Advice programme provides information about prescribing and providing medicines advice. It is aimed at Public Health England (PHE) personnel who provide advice to prescribers, health care professionals and the public, for example those based in PHE Centres, the PHE National Infection service and occupational health.

It is important to provide guidance about prescribing and providing medicines advice because effective systems and processes can reduce the risk of preventable medicines-related errors.

This programme will help you to describe the importance of accurate prescribing and provision of advice on medicines. It will detail the key parts of the PHE Medicines Management Policy in relation to prescribing and the provision of medicines advice.  The programme will also increase your awareness of the PHE Medication Safety Guidelines. It will increase your understanding of the principles of prescribing and providing medicines advice and enable you to apply the prescribing or advice ‘Checklist’. Finally, it will explain your responsibilities regarding unlicensed medicines and ‘off-label’ use.

The programme consists of two e-learning sessions. The teaching session will take about 20 minutes to complete. As you work through the session you will be asked a number of self-assessment questions which enable you to check your understanding of the key points. The scenario session will further assess your understanding of prescribing and providing medicines advice.

  • Jackie Lamberty

    Jackie Lamberty

    Lead Pharmacist, Medicines Management Services, Medical Director Division, Public Health England
  • Emma Nye

    Emma Nye

    Project Manager, HEE e-Learning for Healthcare
  • Simon Blackmore

    Simon Blackmore

    Learning Designer, HEE e-Learning for Healthcare

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