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  • Individual Placement Support (IPS)

About the Individual Placement Support programme

For many individuals who access mental health services, gaining employment is key to their recovery, wellbeing and life opportunities. Paid work can lead to improved self-esteem, financial independence, greater social contact and an all-round improvement in wellbeing.

Based on a wealth of research evidence, the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) approach is the most effective way to help clients with mental health problems to gain paid employment.

Why choose a career in IPS?

A career in IPS is incredibly rewarding. You will help people fulfil their goals, unleash your creativity and work with a range of people. As an IPS employment specialist you will be finding opportunities for clients, enabling recovery and transforming futures.

What is IPS employment support?

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is an internationally recognised, evidence-based approach to supporting people with mental health problems to gain employment and stay employed. It is person centred and provides employment support alongside health treatment. IPS employment support is about focusing on someone’s strengths and empowering them to do this to.

What is an IPS employment specialist?

As an IPS employment specialist you will work as part of the mental health team and support people with mental health problems who want to work, secure employment. You will work with clients to help them find a suitable job which aligns with their preferences and use your contacts, initiative and skills to approach employers accordingly. This role is about building relationships and finding hidden opportunities with employers, supporting both the client and employer. In this job you get to change people’s lives.

But I’m not a mental health professional?

You don’t need to be a mental health professional to make a difference. There is plenty of training available as well as support from the clinical team you’re based in.

Why become an IPS Employment Specialist?

This is a rewarding role with huge job satisfaction. There is a lot of variety, creativity and autonomy as you’ll get to manage your own day. Every day is varied and every day you can help someone change their life.

How do I find out more?

You don’t need any formal clinical qualifications to become an IPS employment specialist. What you do need is the resilience, empathy and determination to open doors and champion the skills and talents of individuals. As an IPS employment specialist you will help people living with mental health problems find paid employment and, working as part of the community mental health team, you will play a key role in their recovery journey.

For more information on IPS and what a typical day of an IPS employment specialist looks like please see week 1 of Supporting People with Health Conditions Into Work: Individual Placement and Support or visit

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